2021-10-18 23:48:00
Make the following sentences negative: 6.We (to use) computers. 7.He (to walk) to work, he always drives. 8.Mr.Bean (to teach) Spanish. 9.They (to like) classical music. 10.You (to carry) an umbrella. 11.The planes (to fly) over the beach very often. 12.The boy (to wash) his hands before meals. 13.Albert (to jump) high. 14.They (to draw) the map of England. 15.Nick (to cach) fish every week.
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2021-10-19 02:47:04

We don t use computers. He doesn t walk to work. Mr Bean doesn t teach. They don t like. You don t carry The planes don t fly The boy doesn t wash... Albert can t jump They can t draw Nick doesn t catch fish..

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