2015-11-20 19:33:30
Alaturati propozitiile folosind As, While sau When, ca in model: Ex.: Tina was cooking. She burnt herself. Tina was cooking when she burnt herself. 1)Laura was making some tea. She dropped the kettle. 2)Mrs Jacob was sitting in the garden. It started raining. 3)Peter was driving his car. He got a flat tyre. 4)She was walking in the park. A dog attacked her.
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2015-11-20 23:53:21

1 Laura was making some tea while she dropped the kettle.(Laura facea ceai,in timpt ce a scapat  ceainicul.) 2.Mrs Jacob was sitting in the garden when it started raining.(Domnul Jacob statea in gradina cind a incpetut sa ploaie) 3 Peter was driving his car as he got a flat tyre.(Peter isi conducea masina asa cum avea o anvelopa plana.) 4 She was walking in the park while a dog attacked her.(Ea mersese in parc in timp ce a atacat-o un caine.)

2015-11-20 23:54:36

1. while 2. when 3. as 4. while

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