2017-03-05 07:39:30
Use the prompts to write correct sentences using past continuous and past simple :she/study/while/her husband/make/dinner ; while hellen/read/her brother/watch/a horror film ; you/listen/the teacher/ speak? ; marry/not pay attention/while/write/email/so/make/mistakes ; what/do/stephany/while/you/do/dishes? ; they/have/supper/when/fire alarm/start ; as/we/play football/it/start/rain ; sammy/sleep/when/someone/steal/his/bike ; she/wait/for us/when/the train/arrive
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2017-03-05 11:09:24

She was studying for the test while her husband was making dinner.    While Hellen read a story, her brother watched a horror film.  Did you listen to the teacher when she was speaking?   ---------------------------------------------Nu stiu --------------------------------------------- What did Stephany while you did the dishes? 

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